5P Consulting is the 1st training and consulting Romanian company with clients and branches in EU and US.

Our team of consultants and trainers provide fast result due to their vast practical experience in the corporate world prior to becoming trainers and also they are certified in the only methodology in the world, scientifically validated, to predict human behavior in less than 90 seconds.


Increase of current results up to 300%.

The easiest implementation and the highest results on the market due to the simplicity and efficiency of the methodology.
Better approach between team members due to knowing each other better.
Mindset alignment regarding the way of reaction to problems.

Better and faster problem solving mindset.

Improved customer relationships.
Shorter and more efficient meetings due to improved communication.
Communication improvement between your team. members and with stakeholders.
Quicker implementation of projects.
Time saving by improving soft skills of your management team. Maximize the benefits of each meeting/contract.

Success Stories

”There is only one thing that every successful people have in common: MENTORS!”

„Helped me know me better, improve and become a leader. I learned how to be in control of my life’s outcome.”

Alina Potorac CEO & Founder ACHR Group

„This guys are professionals. Mihai and Laurentiu are two amazing persons that stand out in this crowdeed world we live in.”

Cosmin T. International Speaker, Trainer and Entrepreneur

„In life you need unique people. This experience is one of a kind.”

Silvia D. Development Director, Multinational Company

Informatiile din carte m-au invatat sa vad dincolo de: cuvinte, fraze, sa ma cunosc mai bine pe mine insami si pe ceilalti, sa inteleg ca fiecare om este diferit si comunica diferit. Metoda S.T.A.R.. mi-a “desenat” o scurtatura catre teritoriul celorlati si spre o comunicare ceva mai buna cu cei din jur.

Cristiana Nicolescu Branch Manager – Sales and Client Management, Multinationala servicii de recrutare si leasing de personal

Suntem diferiți și S.T.A.R. aduce plus valoare în viața noastră prin generarea unei empatii față de cei care nu împart aceleași concepte, idei cu noi. S.T.A.R. poate fi numită calea către comunicarea ușoara a ideilor tale și garantarea unui feedback pozitiv din partea interlocutorului tău.

Elena Bita HR Director, Beycelik Gestamp

Acest sistem a devenit indispensabil pentru mine încă de la început, atat în activitatea profesionala cât și în viata personala. Ele m-au "învățat" sa ascult mai mult și sa vorbesc mai puțin, sa înțeleg mai bine nevoile interlocutorilor mei și mai ales, sa pot sa le aduc beneficiile de care au nevoie. Aceste informatii aduc claritate în orice comunicare sănătoasă și mai ales… eficienta.

Horațiu Hagiu Senior Partner Ascelis Grup



Communication based on human personality (the only Trainers in EU)

Benefits for your company and your employees:

  • Increase communication results by up to 300% when you know to communicate to all personality types, not just your own.
  • Discover hidden truths with a 90-second typing method that turns traditional systems upside down.
  • When you use the proper language, you quickly connect on a deeper level, so messages get through.
  • Know exactly what emotional triggers to use in your communication process.
  • Learn four key secrets that hold you back from successful communication.
  • Fast and proven solutions to get more YES’s in your communication.

Public speaking

Benefits for your company and your employees:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Boost your confidence
  • Build leadership skills
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Personal development
  • Critical thinking
  • Learn performance skills
  • Be a better listener
  • Helps you drive change

Time management

Benefits for your company and your employees:

  • Deliver work on time
  • Provide a better quality of work
  • More productivity and efficiency
  • Much less procrastination
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Improved quality of life
  • More opportunities and career growth
  • More time for leisure and recreation

Decision management

Benefits for your company and your employees:

  • Increase employee’s participation
  • Gives more information
  • Provide more alternatives
  • Improves the quality of decisions
  • Improves the degree of acceptance and commitment
  • Helps in strengthening the organisation

Executive Coaching

Benefits for your company and your employees:

  • Empathy
  • Boost in Cognition
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • See others more clearly
  • Motivation
  • Better Leadership Ability
  • Build more productive relationships
  • Driving results and organisational shifts
  • Effective feedback and communication
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Learn new ways to respond
  • Leverage your existing strengths
  • Build more productive relationships


I’m Laurentiu Dorobantu and I am happy to meet you
I'm passionate about entrepreneurship and, therefore, my goal is to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into successful businesses. As a Startup Expert & Mentor I had the opportunity to help various people from all over the world transform their passion into a business. I pursued an Executive MBA at Cotrugli Business School and then qualified as Speaker & Coach in USA at the institutes John Maxwell, Les Brown & Bank Code. The corporate experience as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies has helped me in founding the Academy 4 Startup.
Nice To Meet You, I’m Mihai Stanca
I'm proudly CEO of Leaders Academy and CSO at Les Brown Unlimited! As a Speaker & Coach certificated by Les Brown & Bank Code in USA, I had the opportunity to help people all over the world to achieve their dreams and helping them run their dream businesses. The experience of more than 10 years as a Logistics Manager for Southeastern Europe in a multinational consulting company has helped me empowering people to achieve their goals. I am a professional engineer and I have a Master in Project Management, plus other degrees from various areas, from accounting to communication and sales techniques. Are you ready to transform your dream company into reality? Let's do it now!

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